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dhammika ranasinghe

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dhammika ranasinghe

Legal Insight      Business Instinct

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The legal world is constantly changing and becoming ever more competitive and demanding .We at Chambers Colombo believe, that we are well placed to meet those demands. We constantly strive to provide innovative and creative solutions to difficult and complex legal and commercial problems. Our aim is to excel in chosen specialized areas of corporate law and commercial law by providing an unequalled professional service of the highest caliber. Practice include but not limited to company law, law of contracts, construction law, IP law, foreign exchange law and property law.  


The firm practically and constructively approaches legal issues in a seamless and integrated manner through its close working relationships with leading lawyers, accountants and management experts.


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Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Securities, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Legal Research, Compliance and Foreign Investment. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Attorney At Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka focused in Commercial and Corporate law

Serving member of director boards of companies


Has been engaged in Corporate and Commercial Law practice for more than 25 years. Provides a wide range of counselling services on corporate, securities and other matters.
Advises boards of directors and senior management with respect to legal consequences of particular actions by way of advice and guidance to follow, before disputes occur. Expert at structuring commercial transactions to minimize the company’s exposure to litigation.
Advisor on corporate and securities transactions, takeover defences, directors and officers fiduciary duty and liability issues, proxy contests, corporate and securities governance . Depending on the client, such work may also involve advice regarding a wide range of business actions and responses - mixing legal issues with sound, practical advice.
Practice also represents advice in compliance matters before Regulators and other agencies such as exchange control regulations and foreign investment [FDI] procedures

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C a r r i e r   l i f e

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F a m i l y   l i f e

  • Married the perfect wife l in 1996.She is Nilusha 

  • Became a dad in 1998.  Daughter is Nishkaya the  one and  only 


B u s i n e s s   l i f e 


S o c i a l   l i f e

  • Keen golfer 

  • Technophile 

  • Social worker 

A R T I C L E S    E S S A Y S   V I E W P O I N T S 

by dhammika ranasinghe

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Nilusha and Dhammika Ranasinghe
Dhammika Nishakya and Nilusha
Dhammika Ranasinghe at Supreme Court event
Sanjaya Fernando Dhammika Ranasinghe Suresh Kandiah  Stuart Chapmen and Prasaan Leanage
Dhammika Ranasinghe NTB golf tournament
Dhammika & Devi Gunapala
Dhammika & Thalath Manjula Gunapala
Nilusha and Dhammika Ranasinghe
Dhammika,Rohitha ,Rohan and Priyanga at NEGC
Dhammika Ranasinghe with Floggers team  at RCGC golf tournament
Dr Rohitha Silva Glen Mathews and Dhammika Ranasinghe
Savithri Rodrigo  Kithsiri Manchanayake  Chandana Liyanapatabendi and Dhammika Ranasinghe
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